Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer

Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist

SAHJANAND ENGINEERING manufactures a wide variety of Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist, electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists and crane-related products in India.

The mechanical workshop uses a high duty electric hoist that meets European standards. It uses a German-imported ABM reducer and hoisting mechanism motor. The hoisting motor, reducer, reel, and limit switch are all incorporated into a small, user-friendly package. The time and money required for maintenance are decreased while the dependability of the mechanism is increased with modular design.

Heavy duty electric chain is used as the lifting medium by electric chain hoists. A motor that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy to lift the load pulls the load chain. The heat-dissipating casing, which is commonly composed of aluminum, houses the Heavy duty electric hoist motor. The hoist motor has a cooling fan installed to help it disperse heat fast while operating continuously and to allow it to function in warm areas.

We Offer This Features In Our Medium Duty Electric Chain Hoist:


Medium Duty Electric Chain Hoist


Euro Type Electric Chain Hoist

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Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist

Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India

SAHJANAND ENGINEERING PVT. LTD – Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier, and Company of Medium Duty Chain Electric Hoist based in Ahmedabad, India. Electric chain hoist lifts assembling and providing can help with conveying weighty cargo from one area to the next with a basic press of a button.

Manufacturer For Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist in India

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