Underslung Crane Manufacturer

We are a leading lightweight underslung crane manufacturer and supplier in india that can design, manufacture and supply customized underslung cranes from India

Leading underslung crane manufacturer Sahjanand Engineering specialises in developing custom systems that thoughtfully evaluate the particulars of the lifting application in question for each client in order to create and build a solution that exactly matches the task at hand.

To best suit the type and weight of the load being carried, you can choose between our double and single girder underslung crane designs. With a variety of add-on accessories, including as walkways and floodlights, our underslung cranes—also referred to as underslung bridge cranes and underslung EOT cranes—can be further customized.

Under Slung Type End Carriage

We are specialized In Under Slung Type End Carriage which is a Part of Underslung Crane Manufacturer which is used for single and double girder crane both

Features of Under Slung Type End Carriages

  • Durability
  • Reduces Cycle time
  • Good Finish
  • Longer Service Life
  • Low maintenance

L Block Type End Carriage

L Block Type End Carriage is a one of the Component of Underslung End Carriage which is used to support & direct the crane and girder at the end of the girder.  We have achieved high  success as L-Block Type End Carriages in the Indian market


FLP Wire Rope Hoist


Low headroom wire rope hoist

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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers
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